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Here's the link to the foodwhirl post :)


I want one now....

Annie - thanks for commenting and I'm glad you tried them. It could be the spelt and other additions that made them denser and heavier. Saying that they are a wee bit heavier than other muffins I made too! I initially wanted to include whole wheat flour but that batch was too heavy even compared to this version so I left that out and went for all purpose. It's funny you added the flax seed - I often do too. That also can - I think - contribute to a bit denser muffin. I'll also have to experiment and come up with a lighter version of this too. Thanks for the details on what you tried!

this recipe looked great, so i had to try it! it never hurts to make some fans at the office and bring in munchies :) i was feeling adventurous, so i used 1 cup AP flour and 1/2 c spelt flour, used the 1/4 c brown sugar and 1/2 c applesauce to sub for the oil, and also added 2 T ground flax seed. overall, very tasty! i will say that they're a little denser/heavier than normal muffins, but this may be due to my substitions. thanks for the recipe!

Cherine, indeed these are tempting and yummy (I just defrosted one and am having it right now in fact!)

Thanks Dot! Love Foodwhirl so look forward to seeing this on there.

Jules - not sure if the Splenda would work - maybe just cut the sugar and see how that works (try the apple sauce instead). I imagine carob chips would work too. I keep meaning to get some and try using those as an alternative.

Malin - yes, they definitely will cover the sugar craving, even with hardly any added sugar there are those chocolate chips!

mmm those look so tempting and yummy!

Looks great! Will be featuring on Foodwhirl.com on Wednesday :)


these look awesome! i've been wanting to bake something with coffee and choc. AND a bit healthy for breakfast. i might give splenda a try, but then again...might not. thanks

A combination of my favorite ingredients!

Oh my, they look so tasty, bursting with flavour! Love the chunkiness. I don't have a caffeine craving, but these will definitely serve my sugar craving! ;)

Oh, me too. Hence the need to make up a recipe with coffee - or in this case espresso!

Oh, yum. I love all things with coffee in them!! Must try these...

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