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hmm..so yum and delicious.terific..

Great question Liz. My estimate would be in the 15 to 20 minute range. My goal was to cook them slow enough that they would retain their moisture (and why I also did some of the steaming method). So, you could likely speed that time up somewhat. Also, if you are adding them to a pasta sauce to simmer or oven bake you could go on the shorter end of this timing. Finally, it will make a difference depending on what type of pan you use, some conduct heat so much better it can shave time off also. Good luck!

Any estimate on how long they take to cook at that size? Just for a rough estimate.

those meatballs look sooo good :)

These are fabulous! Healthy and sound so flavorful!

Naomi!! YUM! Can I feature these on www.canigettherecipe.com?

Thanks! Glad the butternut squash mac n cheese was a hit. Now you'll have to try the one with spinach!

I bet Cole will love these meatballs - he could just pick one up and bite right into it!

Thanks again for another comment!

your recipes are so yummy and healthy - love them! i love the twist on old favourites. we'll try this one too - the butternut squash mac n cheese was a hit all 'round.

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